Food is a very important part that will greatly influence the evolution of your kitten, including bone structure, growth, overall internal and external development, the health of the immune system, the ability to cope with stress and other elements. environmental disruptors. Several processes come into play and it is important to understand the benefits since the healthy and balanced diet allows the owner to reduce repeated visits to the veterinarian by strengthening the animal's system by giving it the nutrients necessary for its well-being. In short, it is the basis and the continuity of the breeder's work.

It is therefore necessary to choose a diet adapted to the cat in question, to its lifestyle while adapting to its stage of growth. For our breeding, we have opted for a diet based on premium dry kibble and food substitutes to meet the more demanding needs of our cats. In addition, for cats with more sensitive stomachs, we have opted for Nutrience care grain-free kibbles which are a good support for the intestinal system. This brand also has the advantage of offering different formulas adapted to specific needs targeted in animals.

To support the digestive system, we favor a supply of probiotics that help maintain an intestinal microbiota favorable to good bacteria.

Finally, we carefully cook homemade dishes several times a week based on raw meat, sardines and tuna. When we are short of time, we sometimes use Faim Museau brand raw food which contains all the essentials to meet the needs of cats. This addition of fresh food allows for a greater diversity of unprocessed nutrients from animals raised in our village, free and without antibiotic agents.
There is also and above all the intention to diversify the food of our cats and thus preserve them from monotony while offering them the best for their health. Moreover, it is the food that is closest to their nature and respects their physiological system to provide them with a healthy lifestyle. We have therefore developed a few recipes that we will be happy to share with future families.