To raise is to progress without counting, to invest in the interest of well-being, it is quite simply to take charge and develop.

When we embark on this project, we must know that we should not be afraid to invest, we spend a lot on food, supplements, facilities, care, genetic screening and others, accessories, recordings , unforeseen events, administrative procedures, training, exhibitions, the website, etc. All these expenses justify the price of kittens, it is a very important charge when you are a breeder concerned with his project.

It's not just about putting a male and a female together and having a litter. This involves evaluating future breeders, having them undergo medical tests, registering them with a recognized organization, and registering the cattery. It is about spending days with the cats playing, brushing them, giving them the required care, taking them out, staying at home at all times during the year ... It is also about having suitable places for them, to have a maternity room, a place to separate the male from the females, a space for quarantining, an outdoor enclosure to let the cats thrive in an environment that is natural to them, to develop play and rest areas. In short, to transform the house and more than the house, into a cattery.

It is also about managing the tagging and having the knowledge required to analyze the heat of females, to make the right decisions and to be ready to give birth with or without difficulties. It is about spending sleepless nights, watching, watching and guarding, but also cleaning, washing and maintaining spaces.
We live 24 hours a day with our cats, we sleep with them and maintain a close bond to maintain a bond, a human-cat relationship that can bring to both parties.

A breeder is someone who is available who worries about these animals and who finds solutions adapted to their well-being. The conscientious breeder ensures the reproduction of quality animals which meet the standards of the breed. The breeder provides a safe environment for his animals and does not hesitate to meet their needs.

The breeder establishes a complete health check with his veterinarian for all his breeders and follows up to keep the animals in perfect health. The breeder offers the new adopter healthy healthy animals with full and maximum socialization.
This offers support and follow-up to the future adopter to guide them with their new companion and to provide him with advice throughout his life. He is present and benevolent, he accompanies the adopters in their adventure with this majestic cat that is the Maine Coon.