Without any pretension our place of life is a real little paradise with large green spaces arranged far from the tumult of the city and the villages, we are protected by ramparts of forests with a rich and varied vegetation and fauna.

This is the ideal place to establish that sweet dream of being able to rub shoulders with the extraordinary big cats that are the Maine Coons.
Here we have three buildings dedicated to them and to us of course :) The main house where our males live and the cottage which is our second home, the territory of the females. This is where they will have a quiet and secluded place to carry their gestation to term and thus be able to give birth. I sleep and stay with them most of the time.

We have also built a cabin by the lake where we spend the three beautiful seasons with our cats, this warm building with a breathtaking view of the lake is designed to maximize the interaction of our cats with the outside environment, it is equipped with a large cat park 30 feet by 30 feet, secure with an outdoor play module.

They can therefore enjoy this glass cabin on all facades with access via a cat flap to the outside. In addition, inside there is a large cat tree that I made, multiple ramps and perches with a large mezzanine.

We really enjoy spending time there with them to relax and watch them have fun. Our domain is therefore an entire cattery where the cat is in the foreground, they accompany us everywhere and we adapt our environment for them. It is part of our vision of conscientious breeding and animal welfare above all else.
Our cattery is a reflection of our passion for animals and this thoughtful desire to want to set up this breeding concept. We have brought together, my husband and I, our skills to make this irresistible desire to breed something that represents us, highlighting an imposing and striking cat in a rustic and rural setting.

Here we are in the Maine Coon universe :)