She conquered us as soon as she was born! With a good weight and sturdy at birth, her evolution persists in this direction. her fur is very beautiful with this sometimes slightly silvery blue. She is an endearing Maine Coon, gentle, quiet but teasing in these moments of madness. She loves to put her paws on our chest to look at our face intensely and rub against it while purring.

Having a balanced and confident temperament, she is already well accepted by all members of the animal family. Her look sometimes seems authoritarian and serious which gives her a wild aspect that we particularly appreciate.

It is often with great determination that she takes her place and seeks attention. Her curiosity leads her to explore and sense everything new with interest. She does not hesitate to explore but with a certain caution.
Her ears are high, very straight and they are nicely embellished with long bushy plumes. She has a very long tail and a physical appearance that highlights the typical Maine Coon features.

Her calm character gives her a wise air, she will undoubtedly have the maternal character of her mother Jenca. We saw that with Helga's kitten, she took care of it and she played her role of big sister wonderfully.
She is a cat that will have a lot to contribute to our breeding program, we can't wait to see her further development. Maybe she will even go to a competition one day :)

Aelo is tested for the following diseases:
- Cardiac ultrasound for HCM scheduled for 2023
- X-ray of the hips scheduled for 2023