We nickname her the Crocon, she looks like a gargoyle, she has a very typical Maine Coon face. She is irresistibly charming and loves to come and tease us to see us laugh. She is a very tall cat with an impressive build for a young lady. She has a very long, bushy tail with ears covered with hairbrushes that make her look serious and wild. She knows how to combine finesse and mystery in the way she behaves.

Helga is more of a playful nature, independent but affectionate at times, curious, adventurous and she likes to take all the space.
She often thinks she is a dog when she brings us toys, she also likes to walk on a leash outside. She is quite simply a Maine Coon with great potential and she will offer her offspring very beautiful physical and character traits. She will know how to enrich the breed with all these attractions of the line of champions. A beautiful mother in the making.

Helga is tested for the following diseases:
- Cardiac ultrasound for HCM every 12-18 months
- X-ray of the hips scheduled done 2022