The first thing that strikes in this beautiful cat is her intense, deep and wild gaze. She has dazzling eyes in a gold-copper hue which showcases her naughty, endearing personality and which harmonizes with her peculiarly colored fur, a cream-red shade in shades of gray-blue with her classic tabby pattern.

She has strong bone structure and a beautiful design to breed standard. She is tall, has big legs and a long, bushy tail.

She is adorable and has known how to take her place since arriving at the cattery where she immediately got along with others. The best part is that her contact with Jenca impressed us, from the first sniff they were very close as if they had known each other forever.

Kaurie is playful by nature, she likes to catch our attention, making all kinds of pirouettes and little noises. She is curious and interested in everything around her and especially when it comes to food :) She is a foodie who shows a lot of character at times when things are not suiting her. Like our other cats, some of the members of his descendants were chosen for their qualities of Maine Coon and thus to carry the title of champion of which the most direct remain his father and his maternal grandfather.

She has great qualities to offer to her offspring and we are happy to have her among our animal family.

Kaurie is tested for the following diseases:
- Cardiac ultrasound for HCM every 12-18 months (last one done in november 2022)
- X-ray of the hips done in 2023