This handsome boy arrived home recently but it's like he's always been a part of it. He is a confident cat with great adaptability. He feels comfortable in any place as long as there are humans. An observer since day one, he calmly analyzes his surroundings before reacting. Sometimes it looks like he's making plans to get to places out of reach :)

Although young, he shows a certain maturity and his eyes are sparkling with presence. He is leggy with long, big ears and an impressive tail. His fur takes on a magnificent, very contrasting black smoked color, which gives him an unparalleled charm. A harmonious morphology that reveals itself as time goes by. His temperament is perfect and balanced, we feel that he had a good education from a young age.
Very cuddly, playful and curious, he approaches the unknown without worry.

He is a very promising future father who will pass on this magnificent standard and his balanced behavior to his offspring. We can't wait to see its evolution!

Nøkken is tested for the following diseases:
- Cardiac ultrasound for HCM scheduled for 2023
- X-ray of the hips scheduled for 2023