I'm always thrilled when it comes to bringing an idea to life. As far as I can remember, since my childhood, I have always liked to shape, draw, paint, model, sculpt, manufacture, create, build or even write... It's as if it were innate and without too much difficulties, my imagination is projected onto a medium which will in turn be its reflection.
All forms of art have a peaceful side to me that simply connects me to the present moment. It's a cocoon that allows me to concentrate while being disconnected from the material aspect.

Having noticed the lack of objects adapted to the size of the Maine Coon, I started to make my own games, cat trees and other objects related to the size and weight of this wonderful feline...

Having received very positive feedback from people who visited our cattery, I had the idea and the desire to offer them to our adopters but also to lovers of Maine Coons and other large cats. Here are some models that can be made according to your tastes or needs and in different ways to adapt to your environment.

As I make these objects during my rare free time, it is necessary to plan a delay for large pieces such as cat trees or litter boxes. I am open to your ideas or projects to make them concrete. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to let us know your needs, I will be delighted to create the custom made items you would like to see ;)