Here is the essential heavy duty windows cat hammock.
For a year, this hammock has been tested and approved by our Maine Coons :) Our cats jump in it, lie down at the same time, this hammock remains firmly anchored with its screwable suction cups which are not affected by the change in temperature at the window surface.

This hammock is large in size, made of wood, with screwable suction cups for maximum grip on the glass, with a thick and resistant fabric that can be changed and it is protected with a varnish based on non-toxic water.

We have several colors of fabrics: red, gray, beige, brown, white and the seams can be of different colors to give an original style. The wood can also be stained, burnt or simply varnished naturally. A purchase that will make people happy every day and for a long time!

This model can also be made smaller for cats under 3 kg and can be disassembled for mailing.
Dimensions to come
Available colors :

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