They are remarkable felines with an original and unusual personality.

When you meet a Maine Coon for the first time, you are stunned by their way of being and it remains an unforgettable encounter. They are humble, elegant, intelligent big cats with a sense of humor and an unusual gait. They have a lot to teach their masters about the fascinating world of domestic beasts. Dogs have everything to envy of these unique felines who learn quickly and behave like them in games and walks but with a delicacy, flexibility, vitality and a certain calm interaction that the dog could not exercise.

These cats love water and for some it becomes an obsession. It is very difficult to convey an interest to a Maine Coon, you have to make them understand and often surprisingly, they understand. He is a cat with a good memory, who analyzes his environment and understands its substance. They literally like to touch objects with their paws in order to grasp nature. They love to sniff so strong that you can hear them. They have keen eyesight that allows them to see what is barely visible, such as a tiny fly.

These are little monkeys who have fun capturing the attention of their master. They like to take the place and don't like to be in the background. This breed of cat is also very communicative, we can say that they have their language and that they try to make it known to us. They express themselves when we call them, when we play with them, when we argue with them or just when they want to report something to us.