We usually give her the name of white gloves, easy and obvious since she wears pretty white gloves on each of her paws. She is a Maine Coon with a beautiful slim and elongated waist, high on the legs, a magnificent long and well-trimmed tail, impressive mustaches with which she loves to tickle our faces. She is a characterful cat who loves the contact of other cats but especially that of her favorite humans.

She is endearing, addicted at times as she likes to have her little routine. She vocalizes a lot and often acts like a cat-dog like this famous unique side of the breed. She received a beautiful inheritance from her parents in terms of standard and temperament, she will know how to highlight the qualities of the Maine Coon.

Jenca is tested for the following diseases:
- Cardiac ultrasound for HCM every 12-18 months, last one done in November 2022
- X-ray of the hips successfully done in November 2022