We have meticulously selected our breeders to develop a breeding plan focused on health, complementary genetics, complicity with the breeder, feline quality from various parts of the world and free from genetic diseases. The lines of our cats have several champions who have been awarded for their quality as a representative of the breed. Our selection was also made according to the colors we want to work with silver and maybe shaded.

Our females and our males live with us, they remain before all our pets and they are in permanent contact with all the members of our family (ferret, cats, chickens, ducks…). Our houses and our buildings on the estate are organized according to our cats in order to have as much space as possible, we thus find: a large 3-season area with enclosures and games, spaces for maternity, a space for quarantine, among others.

We devote a lot of time to this project to give it a professional feel and make it a full time job with the aim of offering sustained contact to our felines at all times of their lives.
This also implies strict genetic control, regular veterinary monitoring, DNA tests to annihilate genetic diseases linked to the Maine Coon. In our view, it is essential that our animals benefit from a stimulating living environment with access to a large outdoor enclosure, several play modules and impeccable cleanliness of the premises, not to mention constant learning on our part about the profession of breeder.

Our cattery and our cats are registered with the Canadian Feline Association.

For the pleasure of discovering a fascinating feline world, let yourself be enchanted by this inter-species cohabitation that has existed for thousands of years and come and meet this magnificent and impressive cat, the Maine Coon.