As you can see on breeder sites, we generally all have one thing in common, a passion for the animal world. We could add in our spirit of breeding, a marked interest for the living world, a wonder to see our animals evolve, to learn about an area which may seem banal at first glance but which is complex and sophisticated if we are there. lingers.

In addition, I studied biology and genetics, animal complexity fascinates me and I remain an autodidact in constant search of multiple and varied subjects relating to the animal world.In addition, I have worked in various fields related to domestic animals and above all I have encountered and lived with a wide variety of species. I like to talk and I plan to deepen my contacts with breeders around the world on several aspects affecting the evolution of breeds. I like the scientific and technical aspect of the subject, caring for and understanding about living things remains natural for me. The simplicity of contact and the inter-species complexity is a staggering phenomenon, according to our view of things.

My husband has fallen in love with the feline world since their introduction into his life. He is delighted to live this experience in which he is involved with all his talents in IT and project management. He is a down to earth person who knows how to take the lead in projects and bring them to fruition. This project was born out of this desire to create something that resembles us and brings us together.

The Maine Coon have awakened in us a call to safeguard a heritage, a natural race that developed without direct manipulation of humans until its discovery. A breed with great potential and sublime beauty. The Maine Coon is like a painting by a great artist, just looking at it is overwhelming. We are exploring this path with the interest of collecting as much data as possible to develop and prosper the work already started by many breeders concerned about the fate of our pet felines. Besides, thank you to all those people who were involved and who are now involved, thanks to them we can enjoy the presence of these superb "civilized" beasts.